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and please be sure to read over our policies & guidelines for use of the studios and practitioner rooms. 

This form is for booking only.  If you have a rental inquiry send us a detailed email to 2bstudiorentals@gmail.com

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All new renters must go through an initial walk-through with the staff before they are given access to use the space.

Please send an email to 2bstudiorentals@gmail.com to schedule a time to see the space and speak with a staff member.

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Space User’s Agreement

I agree to abide by the guidelines outlined in the 2B Studios User Policies and to pay the agreed fee for the use of the space at 2B Studios, for the days, times, cost, and other specifications listed on this agreement. I also agree to communicate any cancellations knowing that if I do not do so I will still be responsible for the rental fee.